Elf-Ruins Exploration

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Wisdom


Explore the old places left behind by the Elves as they abandoned Edhelion and moved further south to Duillond.

Objective #1


Find Nen Hilith

The ruins of Nen Hilith speak of more peaceful times when the Elves dwelt by the lake and contemplated the world that was. Now, evil wolves stalk the ruins, casting a dark shadow over the beautiful memory of the place.

Find Tham Gelair

In the days when Tham Gelair stood whole, it was a place of celebration and ceremony for the Elves of Ered Luin. Now it is a wretched ruin, a shattered memory of better days.

Find Limael's Vineyard

Limael's Vineyard was once the chief source of wine-grapes for the Elves of Ered Luin, but goblins have since taken over the once-peaceful vale. Nevertheless, the Elves still harvest the grapes when they ripen, as well as the trespassing goblins.

Find Dol Ringwest

Dol Ringwest was once a place of great beauty, home to many Elves. Now it is a decayed and broken ruin.

Find The Wardspire

This tower overlooking the Lhûn once guarded docks where ships would carry wood and wine from Edhelion to Mithlond. Now it has been abandoned to the wild.