From Echoes of Angmar

"Fornost, the last capitol of the fallen North Kingdom. It is here that the Witch-king of Angmar crushed the realm of Arnor, and it is here to which Angmar has returned to conquer Eriador."


Once a bustling city of men, it has now been transformed into a strategic base for a massive invasion launched by Angmar. Within the confines of its walls, an ominous assembly of Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, and even more sinister entities lurk, poised to conquer all that obstructs their advance...

Situated in the northwestern expanse of the North Downs, Fornost stands as a grim reminder of its former glory. Departing from the Free People's Camp at 8.0S 56.0W, travel northeast until you encounter a wide stone thoroughfare that guides you to the entrance of the instance, pinpointed at 6.0S 55.0W.

Quest Overview

Most but not all quests are from the Free People's Camp, located in the south-west corner of Fornost city.

Quest Level bestower
The Darkness Within 42 Halbarad
A Leader Unveiled 39 Arohir
A Collar for the King 41 Amarion
Putting Down the Dead 41 Ranger Maedhrusc
The Forgotten Company 36 Bartelot Took
Fell the Trolls 37 Silith
Stem the Invasion 39 Arch Widdup
Captain Riamul 41 Emma Slee
Free the Fallen 40 Emma Slee
Oakheart's Flight 36 Sara Oakheart


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
37 Megoriath Elite Master The Unseen 2 22,000
36 Warchief Búrzgâsh Elite Master Orc-kind 0 19,000
37 Gurkâmâb Elite Master Troll-kind 0 20,000
36 Zhurmat Elite Master Orc-kind 0 12,500
38 Rhavameldir Elite Master The Unseen 3 21,000
38 Zanthrug Elite Master Orc-kind 0 23,500
39 Shiruk and Kamordî Elite Master Orc-kind 0 2 x 14,000
40 Brogadan Elite Master The Unseen 4 25,000
40 Riamul Elite Master The Dead 2 22,500
41 Krithmog Elite Master Beast 1 23,500
41 Einiora Elite Master Man 0 23,000
42 Remmenaeg Nemesis The Unseen 6 32,500

Loot Drops

The following pieces of loot are dropped randomly from mobs in the instance.