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Level 40-50
Faction Ettenmoors factions

It's Middle-earth's most dangerous region, where even other players can attack you. The Ettenmoors provide PvMP (player vs. monster) combat. Once you're at a high enough level to join with your player character, you can enter the region via various stable-masters. Or, you can play as a monster by reaching level 10 as a freep, then create your monster from the character select menu. As a monster player, you can become an ore, spider, uruk, or warg; each has unique abilities and the capacity to earn destiny points (mainly by conquering the neutral fortress) . Spend destiny points on character upgrades or even new skills. On the flipside, characters earn renown primarily by slaying monsters to gain grander and grander PvMP titles.

Key Objectives

Throughout the region of the Ettenmoors, there are a number of contested locations that can be captured and taken over by one side or the other. A dynamic mapnote displays a fl ag at these locations — red for monster characters and blue for normal characters — to show which faction currently controls this point. Fearsome allies or enemies await you within these strongholds (depending on which side currently holds it) and you would be well advised to attack one of these locations only with a large force.

The three types of objectives are:

Ruined Keep.

Tol Ascarnen is a large keep in the center of the Ettenmoors that is a valuable strategic stronghold for whoever controls it

Ruined Towers.

There are two ruined towers in the Ettenmoors that can be captured by either side: Lugazag in the northwest and Tirith Rhaw in the southeast.


The rich mine of Isendeep lies in the frozen north near Arador's End. The Grimwood Lumber Camp is nestled in the forest to the south by Hithlad

Other Locations


Each side holds a major keep that can be used as a fallback location, as well as a relatively safe haven to meet, gather more quests and prepare for battle. The Monsters control Dâr-gazag in the west and the Heroes control Ost Ringdyr in the east.

Rally Circles.

Unlike the rest of Middle-earth, some of the rally circles within the Ettenmoors service only the side of evil or good. These rally circles are tied directly to the ruined towers of Lugazag and Tirith Rhaw. The side that controls a tower also controls the nearby circle.