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Level 40-50
Faction Council of The North
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Angmar is a region located in the far north of Middle-earth, and it's known for its harsh and inhospitable environment. The landscape is foreboding, with a lot of rugged terrain, mountains, and dark fortresses. It is named after the kingdom established by the Witch-king, the leader of the Nazgûl, during the Third Age.

In the game, the region of Angmar is depicted as a high-level area designed for players who have reached around level 40-50. The region includes a variety of quests and dungeons that are intended to provide a challenging experience for these high-level players.

The landscape of Angmar is divided into different areas, each with their own distinct atmosphere and types of enemies. Some of these areas are controlled by different factions, such as the Hillmen, the Orcs, and the Angmarim, all of whom serve the Witch-king.

The city of Carn Dûm serves as the capital of Angmar, and it's where the Witch-king had his seat of power. It's one of the main dungeon areas in the region and is known for its challenging group content.


The Witch King of Angmar established his realm at the end of the Misty Mountains in the Second Age. From his capital of Carn Dum he waged war upon the northern realms of men. From the mountain crags and fetid swamps of Angmar the Witch King's hordes issued forth against the Kingdom's of man, destroying Arnor and Cardolan with the aid of fallen Rhudar who swore their allegiance to Angmar. In response Gondor and the helps marched North enacting swift retribution and casting down the Witch King.

Now as the shadow's grow across Middle Earth Angmar is once again a stronghold of the enemy. Only the most courageous of the Free Peoples will be able to strike into these lands and strike back against the darkness.


Map of Angmar

Angmar is the stronghold of the Witch King. Here he gathers his armies and prepares for war. For those that courageously take the fight to the shadow there are few areas of respite within the shadowed lands. Allies are scarce in this caustic land, hidden refuges of Rangers and the Free Peoples are all that stand against the might of the Shadow of Angmar and all its hosts of orcs, trolls, goblins, and hill-men. The truly courageous that find the will to venture into hostile territory will find great foes obstructing their path and be hard pressed to pierce the depths of Carn Dum, the towers of Barad Gularan, or the toxic haze of Imlad Balchorth. Take many mighty allies with you if you seek to explore Angmar with any hope of returning to civilized lands.


A settlement of hill-men, Aughaire is perched in the foothills separating Angmar and the North Downs.They remain independent of the Dark Lord and their brethren who have already sworn their service to Carn Dum, but they can not stay that way for long without aide.

Gath Forthnir

This hidden sanctuary is guarded by the Dúnedain and refuge to the Council of the North. Gath Forthnir is on the doorstep of Carn Dum and survives only by its secrecy as it spies on the Witch King's own fortress.


A stronghold of the Dwarves in Eastern Malenhad. Gabilshathûr is a newly founded mining outpost that finds itself beset by foes with the return of the Witch King. Tribesmen, Orcs, and the creatures of the swamp lay unceasing siege to the outpost.


Carn Dûm

Capital of the realm of Angmar, this city of shadow is a labyrinthine structure of ancient stone full of the Witch King's servants. Venture here with great care, and your most faithful allies.


The Northern plateaus hold the city of Dûn Covád and the city pass of Donnvail, one of two routes into Carn Dûm


The hills between Aughaire and Donnvail hold several camps of hillmen and many hidden dangers.


A dense forest in the south-east of Angmar capable of hiding great threats among its shadowed boughs.


Around the lake in the north-east of Angmar lies a village of Angmarim and several mountain caves.

Imlad Balcorth

This ancient burial ground has been corrupted over many years. Now it is place of death and only death. Take only stalwart companions to this foul place.


In the depths of the Gorothlad are these ruins. If you seek challenge of monstrous proportions assemble your fellowship and attempt to strike into the heart of Maethad.


the sulfurous swamps contain many strange creatures that inhabit the hot springs. Beware the fell statues that divide Western and Eastern Malenhad, only those with proper preparation may pass under their dreadful gaze.

Nan Gurth

The hills north of Gorothlad contain a structure of enormous proportions, the Towers of Barad Gularan.

Ram Duath

The mountain passes and goat trails of Ram Duath enable forces to move from Angmar down into the fields of the North Downs. This allows you to counter attack through those same passes, use caution when finding your path though, or you may find yourself walking into the very jaws of defeat.

The Rift of Nurz Ghashu

Past the towers of Barad Gularan and hills filled with giants and drakes is the rift. A disparate landmark in the farthest reaches of Angmar.


This fortress lies on Carn Dum's doorstep, home to its fouler troops. The Orcs and Goblins that garrison Urugarth are the most vicious of the Witch King's armies.


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