Burglar Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

The standard class deeds will reward you with class traits that enhances your skills. The Legendary traits are the most powerful of class traits. Some of them significantly improves your skills, or provide you with new powerful skills. Click on each trait reward to see detailed information about the class trait.

Standard Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Daily Limit
Cunning Wound (Deed) 1 Cunning Wound (Trait) Strike with Cunning Attack (x500)
Swift and Subtle (Deed) 1 Swift and Subtle (Trait) Strike using Subtle Stab (x1250)
Perplexing Riddle (Deed) 1 Perplexing Riddle (Trait) Use Riddle (x200)
Hidden Dagger (Deed) 1 Hidden Dagger (Trait) Use your special Stealth attacks (x300)
Focused Eye (Deed) 10 Focused Eye (Trait) Use the Aim skill (x750)
Side-step (Deed) 10 Side-step (Trait) Evade enemy attacks
Trickster (Deed) 10 Trickster (Trait) Use Dust in the Eyes (x1000)
15 Ambidextrous (Trait) Quest: A Thief in the Night
Strike from Shadows (Deed) 20 Strike from Shadows (Trait) Land Critical blows when using Stealth (x400)
Footpad (Deed) 20 Footpad (Trait) Use your Diversion skill successfully (x500)
Disabling Attack (Deed) 20 Disabling Attack (Trait) Use Disable against an enemy (x600)
Opportunist (Deed) 20 Opportunist (Trait) Use Counter Defence (x350)
Overwhelming Odds (Deed) 30 Overwhelming Odds (Trait) Execute Fellowship Manoeuvres (x150)
Leaf-walker (Deed) 30 Leaf-walker (Trait) Use your Hide In Plain Sight skill (x250)
Blind Fury (Deed) 30 Blind Fury (Trait) Use Enrage against your enemies (x400)
30 Appraising Eye (Trait) Quest: A Burglar's Errand

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
The Book of Knives 42 Flashing Blades (Trait) Complete The Book of Knives
Knee-breaker's Manual 44 Sweep the Knee (Trait) Complete the Knee-breaker's Manual
The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting 46 Exposed Throat (Trait) Complete The Expert's Guide to Dirty FIghting