Burglar Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Cunning Wound (Trait) 1 Strike enemies with Cunning Attack (500) Your Cunning Attack Bleed deals more damage. Burglar Skills +1% Crit
Swift and Subtle (Trait) 1 Strike enemies with Subtle Stab (1,250) Subtle Stab damage is increased. (+10%) Burglar Skills +1% Crit
Hidden Dagger (Trait) 4 Use special attacks from Stealth (300) While in Stealth, enemies have lower defences. (-5% defence chances) +3% Positional Damage Multiplier
Perplexing Riddle (Trait) 8 Use Riddle (200) Your Riddle cannot be broken by damage during the first 5s of the duration. +10 Agility
Side-step (Trait) 10 Evade enemy attacks (1,250) Increases evade chance. (+3%) +10 Agility
Focused Eye (Trait) 12 Use Aim (750) Your Aim recovers faster. (-30s) Burglar Skills +1% Crit
Ambidextrous (Trait) 15 Quest: A Thief in the Night Off hand weapon damage increased. (+15%) Burglar Skills +1% Crit
Trickster (Trait) 16 Use Trick: Dust in the Eyes (1,000) Your Trick: Dust in the Eyes is now an AoE. Mischievous Glee: +2% healing and +1 Pulse
Footpad (Trait) 20 Use Distraction (500) +2 to Effective Stealth Level. +3% Positional Damage Multiplier
Strike from Shadows (Trait) 20 Land a Critical Hit from Stealth (150) You gain a bonus to Crit Chance when Stealthed. (+5%) +3% Positional Damage Multiplier
Disabling Attack (Trait) 20 Use Trick: Disable (600) Trick: Disable effects increased to 20%. Mischievous Glee: +2% healing and +1 Pulse
Opportunist (Trait) 26 Use Trick: Counter Defence (350) Doubles Trick: Counter Defence's debuffs Mischievous Glee: +2% healing and +1 Pulse
Appraising Eye (Trait) 30 Quest: A Burglar's Errand Reveal Weakness increased to 10%. +10 Agility
Leaf-walker (Trait) 30 Use Hide in Plain Sight (250) Increases your movement speed while sneaking. +3% Positional Damage Multiplier
Overwhelming Odds (Trait) 30 Use a Fellowship Maneuver (150) Increases the output of your conjunctions. +10 Agility
Blind Fury (Trait) 38 Use Trick: Enrage (400) Forces ranged attackers to come to melee range. Mischievous Glee: +2% healing and +1 Pulse

Exposed Throat (Trait)

39 Quest: The Expert's Guide to Dirty Fighting Potential Conjunction starter. -

Flashing Blades (Trait)

39 Quest: The Book of Knives Additional attack after Double-edged Strike. -

Sweep the Knee (Trait)

39 Quest: Knee-breaker's Manual Trip no longer breaks stealth, cooldown is reduced. -

Stick and Move (Trait)

45 Quest: A Lesson from Bilbo Baggins Evading starts critical response chain. -