Captain Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

The standard class deeds will reward you with class traits that enhances your skills. The Legendary traits are the most powerful of class traits. Some of them significantly improves your skills, or provide you with new powerful skills. Click on each trait reward to see detailed information about the class trait.

Standard Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Daily Limit
Captain of War 1 Captain of War Use War-cry (300) 100
Turn of the Tide 1 Turn of the Tide Afflict enemies with Routing Cry (250) 85
Renewed Voice 1 Renewed Voice Use Battle-Shout (650) 225
Focused Strikes 1 Focused Strikes Land blows with Defensive Strike (500) 165
Captain's Valour 10 Captain's Valour Summon your Herald of War (60) 30
Fear No Darkness 10 Fear No Darkness Use Words of Courage (500) 100
Strong Voice 10 Strong Voice Use Muster Courage (200) 50
Captain's Hope 20 Captain's Hope Summon your Herald of Hope (60) 10
Expert Attacks 20 Expert Attacks Land critical hits with Devastating Blow (100) 15
Intimidating Shout 20 Intimidating Shout Use your Threatening Shout (?)
Subtle Command 20 Subtle Command Use your cries to good effect (2,000)
Captain's Victory 30 Captain's Victory Use your banner's to inspire fellows ?? (?)
Blood of Númenor 30 Blood of Númenor Save allies from the brink of death (?)
Now for Wrath 30 Now for Wrath Use Rallying Cry (600)

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
The Candle's Flame 42 Defy Corruption Find missing pages (8)
The Treatise of Valour 44 Shield of the Dúnedain Find missing pages (8)
The Book of Oaths 46 Oathbreaker's Shame Find missing pages (8)