Captain Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Renewed Voice (Trait) 1 Use Battle-Shout (650) Reduces Battle-Shout cooldown. (-5s) Might +10
Now for Wrath (Trait) 1 Use Rallying Cry (600) Rallying Cry now restores Power. Max Power +30
Focused Strikes (Trait) 1 Land Defensive Strike (500) Reduces Miss Chance. Fear Resistance +2%
Expert Attacks (Trait) 20 Land Critical Hits with Devastating Blow (100) Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Critical Hit Chance increased. (+5%) Might +10
Subtle Command (Trait) 20 Use Cry Skills successfully (2000) Cry and Healing Skills draw less threat Fear Resistance +2%
Captain of War (Trait) 4 Use War Cry (300) War-cry now decreases attack duration by 15% (was 10%). Mark reset timer -2s
Turn of the Tide (Trait) 8 Afflict enemies with Routing Cry 250 times. Routing Cry deals 3% more damage and now stuns foes for 3s. Might +10
Captain's Valour (Trait) 10 Summon Herald of War (60) The War Herald's Might and Agility buffs are increased. Mark reset timer -2s
Fear No Darkness (Trait) 14 Use Words of Courage (500) Your Words of Courage greatly increases the Morale of your Fellows. Max Power +30
Loyalty (Trait) 15 Quest: An Inspiration to Men Increases Herald armour. Fear Resistance +2%
Strong Voice (Trait) 16 Use Muster Courage during battle (200) The Power costs of your Cries and Shouts are reduced. (-8%) Max Power +30
Blood of Númenor (Trait) 30 Use Escape from Darkness (100) Escape from Darkness now fully restores the Morale of an ally and increased Power Max Power +30
Captain's Hope (Trait) 24 Summon Herald of Hope (60) The Hope Herald's Morale buff is increased. Mark reset timer -2s
Intimidating Shout (Trait) 26 Use Threatening Shout (600) Threatening Shout generates more Threat. Might +10
Defiance (Trait) 30 Quest: A Captain's Standard Last Stand duration is increased (+10s) and heals upon completion. Fear Resistance +2%
Captain's Victory (Trait) 34 Summon Herald of Victory (60) The Victory Herald's Power buff is increased. Mark reset timer -2s

Defy Corruption (Trait)

39 Book: The Candle's Flame Your Escape from Darkness ability is greatly improved and your Cry of Vengeance will revive one additional ally -

Oathbreakers Shame (Trait)

39 Book: Book of Oaths +35% damage debuff for 10s -

Shield of the Dúnedain (Trait)

39 Book: Treatise of Valour -75% incoming damage buff for 15s -

In Defence of Middle Earth (Trait)

45 Quest: A Lesson from Boromir +48 Might, Vitality, Will, Fate, Agility -