Champion Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

Standard Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Flurry of Blows 1 Flurry of Blows Use Flurry (750) 75
Swift to Anger 1 Swift to Anger Strike enemies with Swift Strike (1,000)
Deadly Strikes 1 Deadly Strikes Land blows with Savage Strikes (500) 165
Winds of the Storm 10 Winds of the Storm Strike enemies with Blade-Storm (350)
Braced Against Defeat 10 Braced Against Defeat Strike enemies with Bracing Attack (400)
Blood-Lust 10 Blood-Lust Land critical hits using Wild Attack (50) 10
Call of the Wild 10 Call of the Wild Strike with Wild Attack (1,250) 250
Flashing Blade 20 Stalwart Blade Strike enemies with Blade-wall (500)
Deep Strikes 20 Deep Strikes Land blows using Brutal Strikes (1,000)
At the Ready 20 At the Ready Successfully block with a shield (1000) 150
Heavy Shield Use 30 Heavy Shield Use Complete the level 30 Class Quest
Eye of the Storm 30 Eye of the Storm Land critical blows with Blade-storm (50) 5
Fervent Rage 30 Fervent Rage Use Battle-frenzy (450) 45
Time of Need 30 Time of Need Use Dire Need (150)
Patience 30 Patience Use Exchange of Blows (500)

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
The Tome of Swords 42 Ferocious Strikes Find missing pages (8)
The Joy of Battle 44 Fight On! Find missing pages (8)
The Artisan Blade 46 Explosion of Blades Find missing pages (8)