Champion Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Swift to Anger (Trait) 1 Land Swift Strike (1,000) Your Swift Strike skill generates +1 additional Fervour on a Critical Hit. +10 Might
Deadly Strikes (Trait) 2 Land Savage Strikes (500) Your damage multiplier for Critical Hits is increased for: Brutal, Ferocious, Merciful, Relentless and Savage Strike. +25% Fervour Damage +1%
Flurry of Blows (Trait) 4 Use Flurry (750) Flurry now lasts 30s and gives 20% attack speed. +10 Might
Call of the Wild (Trait) 10 Land Wild Attack (1,250) Your Wild Attack generates more threat. +10 Vitality
Blood-Lust (Trait) 10 Critical Hit with Wild Attack (50) Your Wild Attack generates +1 additional Fervour on a Critical Hit. Fervour Damage +1%
Winds of the Storm (Trait) 10 Land Blade Storm (350) Your Blade-storm now affects up to 10 targets. AoE Skill Damage +2%
Braced Against Defeat (Trait) 14 Land Bracing Attack (400) Your Bracing attack provides additional Morale for yourself increasing a small amount for each enemy around you. AoE Skill Damage +2%
Vicious Strikes (Trait) 15 Quest: A Blade of Renown Critical Hit Chance +4% for: Brutal, Ferocious, Merciful, Relentless, and Savage Strike. Fervour Damage +1%
At the Ready (Trait) 20 Block enemy attacks (1,000) You are able to more effectively block attacks. (+2% Block) +10 Vitality
Stalwart Blade (Trait) 20 Land Blade Wall (500) Your Blade-wall generates +1 Fervour on Hit. AoE Skill Damage +2%
Deep Strikes (Trait) 20 Land Brutal Strikes (1,000) Adds a bleed on critical hits: Brutal, Ferocious, Merciful, Relentless, and Savage Strike Fervour Damage +1%
Patience (Trait) 30 Land Exchange of Blows (500) Your Exchange of Blows executes more often and more effectively draws your enemy's attention. +10 Vitality
Eye of the Storm (Trait) 30 Critical Hit with Blade Storm (50) Your Blade-storm costs and requires only 3 Fervour to execute. AoE Skill Damage +2%
Fervent Rage (Trait) 30 Use Battle-Frenzy (450) Your Battle-frenzy generates 5 Fervour, totally filling your Fervour meter. +10 Might
Time of Need (Trait) 30 Use Dire Need (150) Dire Need now increases your Fervour by 5 and recovers 5 min faster. +10 Might
Heavy Shield Use (Trait) 30 Quest: A Champion's Courage You have the ability to wield heavy shields. +10 Vitality

Explosion of Blades (Trait)

39 Book: The Artisan Blade A full area-of-effect attack that inflicts huge damage, while drawing the attention of your enemies to yourself. -

Ferocious Strikes (Trait)

39 Book: The Tome of Swords You make an aggressive triple attack that draws the enemy's attention to yourself. -

Fight On! (Trait)

39 Book: The Joy of Battle A cry of defiance that robs enemies of their ability to use Power and transfers it to you. -

Controlled Burn (Trait)

45 Quest: A Lesson from Gimli Melee Offense +15%, Combat Power Regen +18.1, Fervour +1 per 5 seconds