Class Quests

From Echoes of Angmar

Class Quests are the class-specific quests available from your class trainer. They unlock every 15 levels starting at level 15. Each quest rewards a class trait as well as powerful equipment which is often a significant upgrade to your character's stats. The level 45 quests are long and involved with three waves of item collection. The second and third wave send you into dangerous areas and high-level dungeons. However, they reward a Legendary Trait upon completion of the quest chain.

Burglar Quests

A Thief in the Night (Level 15)

A Burglar's Errand (Level 30)

Articles of Cunning & Implements of the Night (Level 45)

Captain Quests

An Inspiration to Men (Level 15)

A Captain's Standard (Level 30)

Articles of Command & Implements of War (Level 45)

Champion Quests

A Blade of Renown (Level 15)

A Champion's Courage (Level 30)

Articles of Valour & Implements of Daring (Level 45)

Guardian Quests

A Shield Against Adversity (Level 15)

A Guardian's Duty (Level 30)

Articles of Fortitude and Implements of Battle (Level 45)

Hunter Quests

The Hunter's Path (Level 15)

A Hunter's Charge (Level 30)

Articles of Discovery & Implements of the Hunt (Level 45)

Lore-master Quests

A Well-ordered Mind (Level 15)

A Lore-master's Will (Level 30)

Articles of Mystery & Implements of Knowledge (Level 45)

Minstrel Quests

A Song for the Company (Level 15)

A Minstrel's Hope (Level 30)

Articles of Harmony & Implements of Song (Level 45