Crafter interdependence

From Echoes of Angmar

Many of the crafting Professions are dependent on a particular different Profession. This feature of the crafting system is by design and is intended to foster development of the crafting community and to add another way to interact with the rich world of Middle-Earth.

Gathering vs Production

It is common for Production Professions to be dependent on Gathering Professions. For example, a Metalsmith relies on a Prospector to gather and refine Ore and to supply them with the metal ingots that are essential to plying their craft.

The following is a basic list of dependencies for Production Professions:

Metalsmiths rely on Prospectors for Ingots

Weaponsmiths rely on Prospectors for Ingots

Woodworkers rely on Foresters for Treated Wood

Jewellers rely on Prospectors for Ingots

Tailors rely on Foresters for boiled hides

Cooks rely on Farmers for ingredients

Resource Gathering

Some crafting Professions rely on gathering of random spawn resources rather than Profession-restricted resources (ore and wood). These resources are often referred to as Landscape spawn resources. Some Landscape spawn resources are very important or essential to advancing craftsman of particular Professions.

The following is a basic list of dependency for Landscape spawn resources:

Foresters need Hides to produce leather, although Foresters may also advance by treating wood.. Scholars need Dye ingredients such as Woad and Indigo to make dyes, Jewellers need gemstones which drop off mobs but may also be found in Ore deposits.

Independent Professions

Both the Farmer and Cook Professions do not rely on the gathering of any sort resource from the landscape, although some Vegetables usable by a Cook can be found as Landscape spawn resource, and many must be grown by a farmer, including the ingredients for making pipe-weed. These Professions purchase all of their required components from NPC vendors.