Defences of the Lone-lands

From Echoes of Angmar


The Lone-lands were once host to a string of forts and towers that guarded the roads against the incursions of Angmar and Rhudaur. Long ago, they fell into ruin with the defeat of the North Kingdom.

Objective #1

Explore the ancient fortifications of the Lone-lands.

Find Barad Iachiant

The tower of Barad Lachiant is the symbolic centre of the stronghold of Minas Eriol, once it rose high above the valleys below and caught the first rays of sunlight as it slanted in over the surrounding mountains.

In ruins now, it is only a symbol of glories long lost.

Find Ost Laden

Once the primary keep of Minas Eriol, proud knights of the Kingdom of Arnor once issued forth from the gates of Ost Laden into the hills and plains below.

Now only Goblins jeer from the shattered parapets, keeping a dark watch upon those few brave enough to travel into the Lone-lands.

Find The Lornspan

The Lornspan once bridged a river which flowed near Mithrenost, long parched into a dusty gully.

Find Mithrenost

Mithrenost was once one of the strongest fortresses of the North Kingdom in days past. Now it naught but a hiding hole for dwarf-brigands in the service of Skorgrím Dourhand.

Find Thandobel

The tower of Thandobel once guarded the passage between Ost Cyrn and Mithrenost. Now it lies in ruin, home to the outcast Dourhands.

Find Ost Cyrn

Ost Cyrn once stood vigil against the Hillmen of Rhudaur and the Angmarim of the North. Now Orcs use the ruined fortress to lay siege to the barren Lone-lands.

Find Naerost

Naerost was one of the first of the fortresses of the North Kingdom to fall when the Witch-king marched upon Amon Sûl. Now half-orc brigands out of the South dwell within its ruined halls.

Find Amon Ros

Not much now remains of the watch-tower upon Amon Ros, for it was the weakest of the bulwarks of the North Kingdom. Now spiders infest the surrounding gullies and ditches.

Find Ost Guruth

Ost Guruth served as a stronghold of the North Kingdom in the days of the Witch-realm of Angmar. Now it serves as the temporary home of the Forsaken, the Ruin-hold of the Eglain.

Reward: +1 Fidelity