From Echoes of Angmar

==General Information Effects appear on your character bar under your morale and power bars. Positive effects are generally given to player characters by oneself or other fellowship members. Negative effects are generally given to player characters by creatures or by monster players.

Positive Effects

File:Block Response-icon.png Block Response
File:Parry Response-icon.png Parry Response
File:Temporary State Immunity-icon.png Temporary State Immunity
File:On Guard-icon.png On Guard
File:Shield Swipe-icon.png Shield Swipe
File:Hope-icon.png Hope
File:Give Hope-icon.png Give Hope

Food Effects

File:Full-icon.png Full
File:Food Bonus-icon.png Food Bonus
File:Food Bonus (Power)-icon.png Food Bonus (Power)

Guardian Effects

File:Guardian's Parry Stance-icon.png Guardian's Parry Stance
File:Guardian's Block Stance-icon.png Guardian's Block Stance
File:Guardian's Ward (Skill)-icon.png Guardian's Ward
File:Deep Wound-icon.png Deep Wound

Hunter's Effects

Stance Strength

Lore-master's Effects

File:Tend the Sick-icon.png Tend the Sick
File:Leechcraft-icon.png Leechcraft
Shield of the Raven's Wing
File:Sign of the Wild- Rage-icon.png Sign of the Wild: Rage (Only effects pet)
File:Sign of the Wild- Protection-icon.png Sign of the Wild: Protection (Only effects pet)

Minstrel's Effects

Ballad of Balance
Ballad of Flame
File:Ballad of Resonance-icon.png Ballad of Resonance
Ballad of Steel
Ballad of Swiftness
File:Ballad of Unshakable Will-icon.png Ballad of Unshakable Will
Ballad of Vigour
Ballad of War
File:Ballad Tier 1-icon.png Ballad Tier 1
File:Ballad Tier 2-icon.png Ballad Tier 2
File:Ballad Tier 3-icon.png Ballad Tier 3
File:Anthem of Sympathy-icon.png Anthem of Sympathy
File:Herald Strike Healing Boon-icon.png Herald Strike Healing Boon
File:Inspire Fellows Bonus-icon.png Inspire Fellows Bonus
Noble Cause
Tale of Heroism

Negative Effects

File:Hounding Fear-icon.png Hounding Fear
File:Distracting Cloud-icon.png Distracting Cloud
File:Falling Injuries-icon.png Falling Injuries
File:Drowsiness-icon.png Drowsiness
File:Drunk-icon.png Drunk
File:Silenced-icon.png Silenced
File:Grappled-icon.png Grappled
File:Vicious Bite-icon.png Vicious Bite
File:Slow-icon.png Slow


File:Burning Oil-icon.png Burning Oil
File:Searing Heat-icon.png Searing Heat
File:Seared-icon.png Seared


File:Entangled-icon.png Entangled
File:Snaring Net-icon.png Snaring Net
File:Stunned-icon.png Stunned
File:Slime Piddle-icon.png Slime Piddle
File:Sticky Tar-icon.png Sticky Tar

Armour Reduction

File:Breached Armour-icon.png Breached Armour


File:Light Wound-icon.png Light Wound
File:Serious Wound-icon.png Serious Wound
File:Dislocation-icon.png Dislocation
File:Crippled-icon.png Crippled
File:Minor Injury-icon.png Minor Injury
File:Minor Sprain-icon.png Minor Sprain
File:Minor Dislocation-icon.png Minor Dislocation
File:Injury-icon.png Injury
File:Sprain-icon.png Sprain
File:Deep Wound (Wound)-icon.png Deep Wound (Wound)

Dread or Fear

File:A Minor Setback-icon.png A Minor Setback
File:Minor Dread-icon.png Dread
File:A Faltering Step-icon.png A Faltering Step
File:The Thin Red Line-icon.png The Thin Red Line
File:Visions of War-icon.png Visions of War
File:Unsettled-icon.png Unsettled
File:Shadow Aura-icon.png Shadow Aura

Poison and Disease

File:Poison-icon.png Poison
File:Susceptibility to Poison-icon.png Susceptibility to Poison
File:Crippling Poison-icon.png Crippling Poison
File:Minor Poison-icon.png Minor Poison
File:Latent Poison-icon.png Latent Poison
File:Disease-icon.png Disease
File:Minor Disease-icon.png Minor Disease
File:Minor Diseased Frailty-icon.png Minor Diseased Frailty
File:Sap Power-icon.png Sap Power
File:Plague-icon.png Plague
File:Virulent Disease-icon.png Virulent Disease
File:Diseased Feebleness-icon.png Diseased Feebleness
File:Diseased Frailty-icon.png Diseased Frailty

Negative Effects on Mobs

Hunter Effects

File:Clipping Shot-icon.png Clipping Shot

Guardian Effects

File:Armour Rend-icon.png Armour Rend

Lore-master Effects

File:Burning Embers-icon.png Burning Embers
File:Burning Embers (Slow Burn)-icon.png Burning Embers (Slow Burn)
File:Fire-lore-icon.png Fire-lore
File:Gust of Wind-icon.png Gust of Wind
File:Wind-lore-icon.png Wind-lore

Pet Effects

Benediction of the Raven
File:Dazed-icon.png Dazed

Crafting Effects

File:Workbench-icon.png Workbench
File:Campfire-icon.png Campfire
File:Forge-icon.png Forge
File:Vegetable Farmland-icon.png Vegetable Farmland
File:Grain Farmland-icon.png Grain Farmland
File:Pipeweed Farmland-icon.png Pipeweed Farmland
File:Oven-icon.png Oven