Enmity of the Goblins II

From Echoes of Angmar

Race: Hobbit

Reward: Hobbit-silence


It looks like the Shire will need a new 'Bullroarer' soon, because there is no doubt that goblins are in force upon the land once again. The Bounds of the Shire are no longer safe, and the thought of your peaceful folk facing a tide of these foul creatures unawares makes your skin crawl. There will have to be a reckoning soon enough if that is to be prevented.

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Goblins

Objective #2

Defeat goblins (x100)

Bullroarer had the right of it -- there is no end to these evil goblins, and you are more likely to dull your sword and meet your end by trying to hack your way through them all. If they are to be stopped, then their leader will have to be hunted down and dealt with.

The question is, where is this leader? There are so many tribes and clans of the foul things -- who could be powerful enough to control them all, and how could such a one be defeated?