Enmity of the Hill-men

From Echoes of Angmar


For many years there have been tribes of Men who have shunned the rule of Kings and the life of great cities and towns. While some of these might be called allies by the Men of Gondor or Rohan, far too often they fall under the sway of the Enemy, who plays upon their distrust of the great Kingdoms, or threatens them with hidden force, or sways them with false riches and power. Thus it has been that the Kingdoms of Middle-earth have often found themselves at war with the folk of the Hills when the Enemy rises -- and this age seems no exception.

Objective #1

Defeat Hillmen (x150)

Too many of the Men of the North have come under the sway of the power of Angmar. Beyond the confines of Bree and a few other large settlements, many have either joined that dark power willingly or been enslaved to its will.

You have mustered the strength to fight them, but with their numbers bolstering the dread forces of Angmar, matters seem bleak.

Reward: Balance of Man