Enmity of the Hill-men II

From Echoes of Angmar


It seems that old superstitions and fear of the Enemy's dark power are what drive these Hillmen to flock to the banners of the Enemy -- ancient seeds sewn long ago in the hearts of Men by the Dark Lord, that he might have willing servants to hand when he prepares to arise again. It has long been both the strength and downfall of Men that their hearts are their own, and that they may set their feet upon whatever path they choose....

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Hillmen

Objective #2

Defeat Hillmen (x250)

Several of the old, crumbled fortresses of Arnor have been occupied by the Hillmen of Angmar and Rhudaur. While peace reigned, few took any note or care who chose to inhabit these ancient ruins...but with rumours of war in the air, the control of these places may be of great import, and you have striven to weaken their hold upon them in your battles.

Reward: Strength of Morale (Trait)