Enmity of the Orcs

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: Friend of Man


Bred by the Enemy for war over land, the Orcs are larger and tougher than their goblin cousins, but their origins remain the same. Militant and brutish, they retain some native talent for the clever working of wood and metal, though they only apply this to the construction of weapons and other machines of war.

Objective #1

Defeat Orcs (x50)

The Elves and Orcs have clashed for ages, but with many of the Elven people leaving across the Sea to the West, fewer remain to carry on the battle.

It seems that in the end it will fall to Men to eradicate the Orc-menace once and for all -- but it remains to be seen if they are strong enough for the task. In the meantime, you remain to carry on the battle in the name of your people.