Enmity of the Orcs III

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: Eldar's Grace (Trait)


Unlike the goblins, the Orcs have been raised with a martial outlook and form the backbone of the Enemy's armies. They are neither cowards nor weaklings -- though they cannot hope to match the martial prowess of the Elves -- but their numbers and war industry are vast when motivated by their shadowy lords.

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Orcs

Objective #2

Defeat Orcs (x150)

The minds of Orcs are weak and easily befuddled, and the greatest of the Elf-refuges have long been protected by magical wards that turn away such evil, allowing the Elves havens of relative safety from which to strike against their foes with surprise and precision.

Thus it has been that in these later ages their dark armies are oft turned first against the fortresses of Men or dwarves, rather than the Elves whom are hated most of all by the Enemy of old. So it has often turned to you and your people to strike at their flanks, cutting them off and sowing confusion and fear in their well-ordered ranks so that the larger armies of Men may smash their vanguards.