Enmity of the Spiders

From Echoes of Angmar

Race: Hobbit

Reward: Hobbit-stature


While no respectable hobbit has ever had much to do with spiders, it seems of late that new breeds of the horrid things -- far larger than any proper spider ought to be -- have been migrating here from somewhere across the mountains to the East. For reasons unknown, these unpleasant creatures appear to have developed a great dislike for hobbits, making them quite a hazard for Little Folk living out on the edges of the Shire or beyond.

Objective #1

Defeat spiders (x50)

You have killed quite a few spiders now, but have little more clue as to why they seem to find hobbits so offensive, save for rumours of an unusual encounter in the forests far to the east some years ago.

Who knows? Perhaps they just think you look tasty.