Enmity of the Spiders II

From Echoes of Angmar

Race: Hobbit

Reward: Return To Michel Delving


Where have these horrors come from? What ever happened to nice little garden spiders eating flies and all that? These days your idea of a spider starts at about two feet across and goes up from there -- hardly the kind of thing you would expect to encounter in the cozy Shire, yet now they seem to be common in all the forests of Eriador. It is enough to make even the most staid and placid hobbit sit up and take notice that things are getting rather queer these days.

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Spiders

Objective #2

Defeat spiders (x150)

Lucky for you that these huge spiders are not nearly as dangerous as they look or it would take a battalion of hobbits to fend them off.

Once you get past the poisoned mandibles and the hard shells, they are not that bad really. The legs come off without too much difficulty, and the eyes are natural targets for blades and thrown rocks. However, you have had quite enough of them, all the same, though they seem to be breeding like rabbits in the shadowy dells of forests and ravines.