Enmity of the Wolves II

From Echoes of Angmar

Race: Hobbit

Reward: Guile And Conviction Bonus


While wolves are often hostile, most folks just consider them to be dangerous predators rather than a true danger. Nowadays, though, one has to wonder...they are wandering down from the north in large packs, and they seem more than just hungry -- there are rumours that many of these packs were bred by the goblins in the north-lands to be particularly vicious and dangerous towards Men and hobbits and to ruin the herds of livestock upon which many of the towns of Eriador depend for their food.

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Wolves

Objective #2

Defeat wolves (x100)

The wolves are everywhere these days. You would think that if they had the slightest sense at all, they would head back up north once the Bounders and other more adventerous sorts started hunting them.

Rumours say that some dark power might be driving them south, but you are not sure what such powers would have to do with the Shire. More likely, the greedy creatures have hunted out the northern hills and have no choice but to come down here.

Quite a bother, really.