Enmity of the wargs III

From Echoes of Angmar


It is unclear what the true relationship is between goblins and Wargs. Some say that they are allied against common enemies, while others believe that the goblins actively breed and raise the creatures for war. It seems likely that both stories are partly true -- long ago, perhaps, the goblins bred the Wargs, which in time escaped to form their own packs under the most powerful and intelligent leaders among their kind...and now these packs continue to work with the goblins out of convenience.

Objective #1

Complete deed Enmity of the Wargs II

Objective #2

Defeat Wargs (x250)

Would that there seemed to be any end to these accursed Warg-packs.

The creatures seem to fear little other than fire -- one would think that in time they would learn to give the steel of Men wide berth, but whatever cunning intelligence drives them, it seems that their hatred for Men seems greater than their fear.

Reward: Duty-Bound (Trait)