Ered Luin Quests

From Echoes of Angmar
Quest Level Bestower
A New Shine 5 Halli Shimmershield
The Fifth Gear 14 Bávor
The First Gear 6 Bávor
The Fourth Gear 12 Bávor
The Puzzle-vault 14 Bávor
The Second Gear 7 Bávor
The Third Gear 10 Bávor
Gondamon to Bree-town 10 Áskell
Skip Introduction 5 Talagan Silvertongue
Skip Introduction 5 Glóin
The Lost Lore of Edhelion 2 Gailthin
Restoring the Balance 2 Laergil
A Disturbing Affair 13 Nithi
The Elf-stone 13 Gailthin
The Standing-stone 14 Glamír
Old Bones 13 Nithi
Now is Found 7 Bregar
The Days Ahead 7 Bregar
What Was Lost 7 Toronn
Leaving Middle-earth 7 Toronn
Glamír's Vigil 9 Calengil
Haunted Lands 12 Glamír
Webs of Sorrow 10 Glamír
Cleansing the Ruins 7 Calengil
Calengil's Vigil 7 Thinglaer
Cleansing Draught 7 Calengil
Hallowed Ground 6 Thinglaer
The Misplaced Cook 14 Áskell
The Plundered Port 12 Áskell
The Sundered Shield 10 Áskell
Vow of Vengeance 11 Áskell
Tangled Up 14 Bersi
The Flow to Noglond 7 Tindr
On to Gondamon 9 Geitir
Quenching a Thirst 7 Geitir
A Patch in Time 6 Tindr
Clear the Way 11 Otkell
Sprung a Leak 6 Tindr
Herding Cats 7 Óláfr
Protecting the Hunt 10 Orlygr
Warming the Garrison 9 Orlygr
Feeding the Outpost 10 Orlygr
Frostmantle 5 Mathi Stouthand
Cave-claws In the Narrows 11 Ingólfr
Goblins in the Valley 12 Ingólfr
Spiders of the Vale 12 Ingólfr
Need of a Cask 6 Brethilwen
Return the Cask 6 Bregedúr
Gleaning the Field 6 Brethilwen
Gift for a Friend 6 Brethilwen
A Rare Vintage 7 Brethilwen
Someone Worthy 13 Celairant
The Elf-sword 13 Penglir
A Remarkable Bow 11 Celairant
A Deathly Task 14 Laergil
Sickening of the Land 13 Laergil
A Deadly Bloom 4 Erynwen
Gísli's Favourite 6 Ormr
Stocking the Larder 3 Bogi
The Lost Tool 6 Flosi
Fear of Collapse 2 Orodlin
Cutting Cords 7 Grímkell Stonebearer
Hunting Goblins 7 Grímkell Stonebearer
Villains in the Vale 7 Grímkell Stonebearer
Goblins in the South 7 Grímkell Stonebearer
Clear the Roads 7 Ketill