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'In the North after the war and the slaughter of the Gladden Fields the Men of Westernesse were diminished, and their city of Annúminas beside Lake Evendim fell into ruin: and the heirs of Valandil removed and dwelt at Fornost on the high North Downs, and that now too is desolate. -J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Fellowship of the Ring".

Level 32-40
Faction Evendim factions
Quests Evendim Quests
Deeds Evendim Deeds
Resources T4


Evendim is a land of wonders and monuments of an age past. On the shore of Lake Nenuial the kingdom of Arnor built its Capital of Annuminas. Now this once great land is place of constant skirmishes and desperate expeditions. The Rangers of the North battle to drive out the tomb raiders and minions of Angmar, as the servants of shadow strive to uncover priceless relics and artifacts in the ruins.



Map of Evendim


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Founded by Elendil the "Tower of the West" was once the shining jewel of the North. Now Annuminas is a battleground as Rangers try to reclaim the city from the hosts of Angmar. Any who wish to aid the Free Peoples will find ample opportunity in this ruined metropolis.


Sitting in the pass between the Shire and Evendim Oatbarton is an important trading hub. The Market and surrounding farms help to supply the Rangers with much needed foodstuffs and other goods. This town has need of aid though, as the Tomb Raiders threaten its environs and encroach on its farmlands.

Ost Forod

The Northern most outpost in Evendim, Ost Forod guards the path to Forochel. The Ruined outpost is only recently re-inhabited, it struggles to acquire much needed supplies for its survival and to stave off Tomb Raiders and wild beasts that threaten it.


The Island of Tinnundir acts as the secure staging area for the Rangers of the North and their allies. The docks allow for rapid transport of forces around Lake Nenuial, and allow for supplies to reach beleaguered forces in Annuminas.



Bullroarer's Sward

Emyn Uial

Men Erain

Parth Aduial


Tyl Annun

Tyl Ruinen


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