Garth Agarwen Exploration

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: 3279 xp

Confidence +1


Garth Agarwen lies in the north-east hills of the Lone-lands. Once a great fortress of the ancient kingdoms, rumours say that it has become a stronghold of corruption and evil.

Objective #1

Explore Garth Agarwen.

Find The Circle of Blood

The CIrcle of Blood is a vile marsh in Haragmar, formed by the corruption overflowing from Agamaur in the north.

Find Nan Dhelu

Nan Dhelu was once a beautiful valley before the corruption of Agamaur flooded the land. Now it is home to vile creatures of Morgoth who live only to breed terror.

Find The Outer Gates

This gate opens into the courtyard of Garth Agarwen, once a fortress of the evil Rhudaur, now the ruined palace of the Red-maid of Agamaur.

Find Garth Agarwen Gate

This gate leads into the inner sanctuaries of the Red-maid and the vile and corrupted creatures who serve her.

Find Ivar's Crypt

This crypt is the resting place and throne of the Gaunt-lord Ivar the Bloodhand, Lord of War, necromancer in service to Angmar.

Find Spring of the Red Maid

This is the sanctum of the Red-maid of Agamaur, a River-maiden corrupted by the blood spilled in her waters during the wars between Angmar and the North Kingdom.