From Echoes of Angmar

The social experience and depth of Middle-earth can be tremendous, but it can be confusing at times. Here are some general multiplayer online terms and specific Echoes of Angmar concepts that you may need defined as they are not as easy to decipher upon first look. It is important to note that all of these terms are not case-sensitive; you will see them used in both caps and lowercase.

AC: Armour class (armour value).

Add: Used to describe an extra mob that appears while you are already engaged with another mob (usually in a boss encounter).

AFK: "Away from keyboard." A courtesy phrase to let everyone know that you are not ignoring them.

Aggro: "Aggression" or aggressive mob. Mobs with yellow health bars will not attack unless provoked; however, mobs with red health bars will aggro once you come within their range. Also means to draw the attention of one or more mobs.

AH: The global Auction House where players can talk to an Auctioneer and list all sorts of items for sale for other players to purchase.

AoE: "Area of effect." A skill or ability that affects a radius, not just a single target. Keep in mind that you may hit multiple targets, but you also may draw additional aggro and possibly nullify existing effects on the targeted enemies.

Boot: To be ejected from a Fellowship, Raid, or Kinship, usually due to poor behavior of some sort.

BPE: Stands for Block, Parry, and Evade.

BRB: "Be right back." A phrase to let friends know you won't be long away from the computer.

BRez/Battle Rez: To revive a member of your Fellowship in combat.

Buff: A skill or ability that delivers a positive effect for a pro- longed period of time.

Bug: An in-game error.

Camp: To remain in one spot in order to kill a specific NPC or monster, or trigger a certain quest event.

Creep: Slang for a player that is apart of the Army of Angmar that opposes the Free Peoples.

CYA: "See ya." Shorthand for "see you later."

Debuff: A skill or ability that delivers a negative effect for a prolonged period of time.

Ding: To level up.

DoT: "Damage over time." Skills or abilities that deal initial damage and then additional damage every few seconds for a set amount of time.

DPS: "Damage per second." A stat that factors in the speed and power of a weapon to gauge its average damage every second. This term is also used to describe the role of a damage dealer in a group composition, in the same way 'Tank', 'Support', and 'Healer/Heals' are used.

Dread: A penalty to your Max Morale, healing abilities, and damage resistance for 10 minutes after you are defeated in combat. Certain evil locations also generate Dread in the immediate area.

Emote: A special action or emotion performed by your character.

EXP/XP/EP: "Experience points." Experience marks your progress as you level up in your class.

Fellowship: A group of characters who band together to form a company, usually to take on the more difficult quests in the game.

Freep: Short for "Free Peoples." It is generally used to describe the characters opposing the Army's of Angmar in the Ettenmoors.

GLFF: The "Global Looking For Fellowship" Channel. A player-created chat channel available to the public. Usually used as a way to communicate to the whole realm, not typically used for LFF. Join by typing /joinchannel glff into your in-game chat box.

GM: "Game master." In game personnel who can help you with a bug or technical problem.

GTG/G2G: "Good to go." Another shorthand term for "ready."

Healer/Heals: Term used to denote a player character with healing capabilities; usually used in the context of the Fellowship.

Hope: A bonus to your Max Morale, healing abilities, and damage resistance for 10 minutes based on certain magical items or havens for the Free Peoples.

IMO/IMHO: "In my opinion" or "In my honest opinion." A phrase to note that the following statement is an opinion and solely that.

JK: "Just kidding." To let someone know you did not mean any harm by your statement. In the chat channels, it's common to have misunderstandings because you don't get the tone and facial expressions involved with face-to-face interaction.

Kiting: To pull a foe after you while dealing consistent damage in the hopes of taking it down before it deals significant damage to you.

Lag: A delay between the action of a user input and the the reaction of the server supporting the task, which then must be sent back to the users client.

LFF/LFG: "Looking for Fellowship" or LFG for "Looking for Group"

LOL: "Laughing out loud."

Loot: Another term for treasure or rewards.

LV/LVL: "Level or Level up."

MA: "Main assist." Usually the character pulling the target for the fellowship.

Mez: Shorthand for "mesmerize," a term that describes skills or abilities that paralyze a foe and take them out of a fight while you deal with other enemies or flee.

Mob: A computer-controlled enemy.

Mood: The result of adding your Hope and Dread scores together.

MT: "Main tank." The primary character who holds mob aggro in a fellowship.

Nerf: An in-game change that negates or reduces the effectiveness of a previous item or class.

Newbie: A new player who doesn't have much experience.

NPC: "Nonplayer character." Any character in the game not controlled by another player.

Nuke: A powerful skill or ability. Also, to "nuke" a target with heavy damage all at once.

Off-tank: An "off-tank" is a secondary character who holds the attention of the second strongest mob.

OMW: "On my way." Courtesy phrase to let someone know that you are meeting them soon.

OOC: "Out of character." Chat channel usually reserved for statements that aren't in the spirit of role-playing or don't follow the game's storyline and flavor. Frequently used for game questions about a particular area or quest.

Pet: An ally, such as the Lore-Master's Bear or a Captain's Herald who assists you, but is computer-controlled.

PST: "Please send tell." Usually a request for someone to send you a direct message.

Pull: To draw an enemy toward you.

PUG: "Pick-up group." A fellowship formed by a group of players who don't know each other.

PvMP: "Player vs. Monster Player." The player vs. player experience that exists in the Ettenmoors, also the conflict where players choose to fight for the Free Peoples or the Armies of Angmar.

PVP: "Player vs. player." A common term across video game culture that denotes a contest that involves only real players (no computer-controlled or "AI" characters).

Rally Point: A circle of white stones in many Regions that serves as a safe haven. You immediately restart at the nearest rally point after being defeated in combat.

Region: A large area. There are nine total zones in Eriador: Angmar, Bree-land, Ered Luin, the Ettenmoors, the Lone-lands, the Misty Mountains, the North Downs, The Shire, and the Trollshaws.

ROFL: "Rolling on the floor laughing."

Root: To freeze an enemy in place with a special skill or ability.

RPG: "Role-playing game." Role-playing refers to staying in character and immersing yourself in the Middle-Earth environment and storyline.

Spam: A message to everyone or a series of nonsense messages that are considered in poor taste.

Spawn Point: A spot where the game generates an NPC or mob.

Support: Term used to denote a player character of the 'Support' role (Lore-masters, Burglars, and Captains belong to this role). Different than Healers, Support characters can provide assistance to their Fellowship members in a variety of ways.

TA: See "MA" above; not to be confused with acronymic spelling of Tol Ascarnen in the Ettenmoors.

Tank: A fellowship character who draws aggro well and holds a mob's attention. Guardians and Champions are usually considered tanks.

Taunt: A Taunt ability is often used by the tank to draw the hostile opponents' attention to the player's character,

Tell: To send a private message to another player.


Train: Either to level up your skills or to pull several unwanted enemies after you at once.

whereBeta: whereBeta?

Woot: Short for "We Own the Other Team." A common term for expressing exhilaration.

WTB: "Want to buy." Used when looking to acquire an item in a chat channel.

WTS: "Want to sell." Used when looking to sell an item in a chat channel.

WTT: "Want to trade." Used when looking to trade an item in a chat channel.

Zerg: To rush an enemy target or position with overwhelming forces in attempt to seize victory quickly.