From Echoes of Angmar
Location [[]]
Level 31
Species Hourn
Rank Elite Master
Max-health '
Max-power '


  • Grimbark - Level 31 Elite, approximately 15,000 Morale.
  • Throughout the battle, Grimbark will release roots and Maddened Beehives (with approximately 1,000 health) repeatedly.
  • Beehives cast a debuff upon the party, reducing attack speed by 20%.
  • Notably, the boss seems to heal over time exclusively when beehives are present; it's crucial to eliminate them promptly.
  • The behavior of roots resembles that of "normal" attacking roots, dealing damage to foes.
  • This battle primarily revolves around endurance.
  • Opt to use your conjuctions for more challenging adversaries, unless you have the advantage of one or more loremasters to channel power to the tank or healer.
  • Expect the initial set of beehive drops, followed by at least two re-spawns.
  • Likewise, anticipate the initial root deployment and one subsequent re-spawn.