Guardian Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

Standard Deeds

Deed Name Level Trait Reward Task Limit per Day
Stinging Blow (Deed) 1 Stinging Blow (Trait) Strike enemies with the Sting skill (750)
Reactive Block (Deed) 1 Reactive Block (Trait) Strike enemies with Shield-Swipe (400)
Shield Expertise (Deed) 1 Defensive Expertise (Trait) Strike enemies with Shield-Blow (1,500)
Controlled Breathing (Deed) 10 Controlled Breathing (Trait) Use Catch a Breath (250)
Harasser (Deed) 10 Harasser (Trait) Use Vexing Blow (800)
To the Rescue (Deed) 10 To the Rescue (Trait) Evade enemy attacks (1,000)
Guardian's Ward (Deed) 10 Guardian's Ward (Trait) Strike enemies with Guardian's Ward (1,200)
15 Deflected Blows (Trait) Quest
Quickness (Deed) 20 Quickness (Trait) Strike enemies with the Sting skill (1,500)
Grim Challenge (Deed) 20 Grim Challenge (Trait) Use Challenge (300)
Selfless Defence (Deed) 20 Selfless Defense (Trait) Use Protection (200)
Stoic (Deed) 20 Stoic (Trait) Use Guardian's Pledge (200)
Strong Lungs (Deed) 30 Strong Lungs (Trait) Use Deep Breath (100)
Brave Heart (Deed) 30 Brave Heart (Trait) Use Warrior's Heart (150)
Heat of Battle (Deed) 30 Heat of Battle (Trait) Use Thrill of Danger (125)

Legendary Deeds

Deed Name Level Trait Reward Task
The Best Defense 42 Shield Smash (Trait) Find missing pages (8)
A Shield-maiden's Song 44 Guardian's Threat (Trait) Find missing pages (8)
The Final Word 46 Challenge the Darkness (Trait) Find missing pages (8)