Guardian Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Defensive Expertise (Trait) 1 Land Shield-Blow (1,500) +3% Block; +130 Armour Value Increased Threat
Stinging Blow (Trait) 1 Land Sting (750) -3s Sting cooldown timer; +10% Sting Damage +10 Might
Reactive Block (Trait) 4 Land Shield-Swipe (400) Damage your attacker whenever you Block. +10 Might
Guardian's Ward (Trait) 10 Land Guardian's Ward (1,200) Guardian's Ward: +1% Parry, +1% Block, +5% Common Mitigation Increased Threat
Harasser (Trait) 10 Use Vexing Blow (800) Vexing Blow hits two additional targets +10 Vitality
To the Rescue (Trait) 10 Evade enemy attacks (1,000) +5% Run Speed +10 Vitality
Deflected Blows (Trait) 15 Quest Regenerate some Power whenever you Block. Block Response Duration +3s
Controlled Breathing (Trait) 16 Use Catch a Breath (250) Catch a Breath heals additional Morale and also heals Power. +10 Vitality
Quickness (Trait) 20 Land Sting (1,500) -5% Attack Duration +10 Might
Stoic (Trait) 20 Use Guardian's Pledge (200) +15 Vitality, +15 Fate Increased Threat
Selfless Defense (Trait) 24 Use Protection (200) Your Protection ability lowers the threat of the target. Increased Threat
Grim Challenge (Trait) 26 Use Challenge (300) Challenge cooldown timer reduced. (-15s) +10 Vitality
Heat of Battle (Trait) 30 Use Thrill of Danger (125) Thrill of Danger recovers 2 minutes quicker & allows use of reactive skills +3s Retaliate Response Time
Parried Blows (Trait) 30 Quest A Parry grants some Power. Parry Response Duration +3s
Brave Heart (Trait) 30 Use Warrior's Heart (150) Warrior's Heart cooldown reduced. (-90s) & allows use of reactive skills +3s Shield-Swipe Response Time
Strong Lungs (Trait) 34 Use Deep Breath (100) Deep Breath recovers 2.5 minutes quicker. +10 Might

Challenge the Darkness (Trait)

39 Book: The Final Word Taunt with +4% Parry Chance, +4% Block Chance -

Guardian's Threat (Trait)

39 Book: A Shield-maiden's Song +20% Perceived Threat Stance -

Shield Smash (Trait)

39 Book: The Best Defence Shield Bash & Taunt -

To the King (Trait)

45 A Lesson from Samwise Gamgee Powerful attack -