Hunter Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

See also: Hunter Traits

Class Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Sturdy Traps (Deed) 1 Sturdy Traps (Trait) Set traps for your enemies (350)
Rapid Recovery (Deed) 1 Rapid Recovery (Trait) Strike enemies with Swift Stroke (500)
Barbed Fury (Deed) 1 Barbed Fury (Trait) Strike enemies with Barbed Arrow (750)
Swift and True (Deed) 1 Swift and True (Trait) Strike enemies with Swift Bow (1,000)
Strong Draw (Deed) 10 Strong Draw (Trait) Use Penetrating Shot (600)
Heightened Senses (Deed) 10 Heightened Senses (Trait) Use tracking skills (500)
Hail of Arrows (Deed) 10 Hail of Arrows (Trait) Strike enemies with Rain of Arrows (500)
Deep Concentration (Deed) 20 Deep Concentration (Trait) Use Intent Concentration (150)
Deadly Precision (Deed) 20 Deadly Precision (Trait) Land critical hits with your bow skills (500)
True Shot (Deed) 20 True Shot (Trait) Strike enemies with Penetrating Shot (1,000)
Arrow-Storm (Deed) 20 Arrow-Storm (Trait) Strike enemies with Rain of Arrows (600)
Graceful Draw (Deed) 30 Graceful Draw (Trait) Strike enemies with your bow skills (6,000)
Stealthy Shot (Deed) 30 Stealthy Shot (Trait) Use Beneath Notice (150)
Swift Recovery (Deed) 30 Swift Recovery (Trait) Use Needful Haste (125)

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
A Shot in the Dark 42 Bard's Arrow Find missing pages (8)
The Way of the Hunter 44 Press Onward Find missing pages (8)
The Furthest Charge 46 Rain of Thorns Find missing pages (8)