Infamy and Renown

From Echoes of Angmar

The Ettenmoors is a dangerous place, focused around action-packed player-versus-player (sometimes called PvP, PvMP, or PK) battles of Heroes against Monsters. The goal for both sides is to kill the other, bringing valuable accolades and acclaim from your leaders. For Monsters, this is called Infamy; for Heroes, it is called Renown. Your character's current levels of Renown or Infamy appear on The War page of your Character Journal.

Monster Infamy

Sauron has only one deadly purpose — to find the One Ring and enslave Middle-earth. As a faithful minion of the Witch-king, you have been commanded to destroy the Free Peoples in deadly hand-to-hand combat and grow the power of your masters

Each time that you defeat a Hero (controlled by a player) in combat, your Monster's Infamy grows. (Infamy is a statistic somewhat like experience points for Monsters.) As you gain more Infamy, your Monster will increase in Rank, adding power and unlocking high-level skills, Traits and consumables. There are fifteen Ranks to earn as a Monster, each with its own unique Titles and Rank Insignia. The highest Rank you can achieve as a Monster is "Tyrant."

Hero Renown

While Frodo, Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship have headed east towards Rivendell, the last Heroes of Middle-earth have been asked to protect the lands of Eriador from the armies of Angmar. You are charged with protecting the young and the weak from the evils of Sauron.

Each time that you defeat a player- controlled Monster in combat, your Hero's Renown grows. Renown for Heroes works just like Infamy for Monsters. As you gain more Renown, your Hero will increase in Rank. There are fi fteen Ranks to earn as a Hero, each with its own unique Titles and Rank Insignia. The highest Rank you can achieve as a Hero is "Captain-General.


Both Monster and Hero characters have an overall rating. This Rating is a fluctuating number that rises and falls based on your victories and defeats in Monster versus Hero combat. The amount of rating points that you earn or lose is calculated based upon your Rating and the Rating of your opponent or opponents

You start with an average rating of 1000; the maximum possible rating is 2000. You gain more points for defeating someone with a higher Rating than you. You lose more points when defeated by a player with a lower Rating than you. As your Rating increases, so does the amount of Renown/Infamy that you earn for victories. Thus, a lofty Rating is highly coveted, but it also makes you a prized target of the enemy!


Prestige is a visual representation of your Rating. Prestige appears as a collection of stars surrounding the player portrait on your screen. Only characters with an above-average Rating will earn these Prestige stars. As you work your way to maximum Rating, you will achieve the maximum of five Prestige stars.