From Echoes of Angmar

Jeweller Profession:Crafting Items of Value

The Jeweller profession in The Lord of the Rings Online offers the exciting opportunity to create coveted items. This crafting profession is unique to the Tinker vocation. The crafting process utilizes Jeweller's Tools at a workbench.

Crafting Ingredients and Skills

Jewellers craft items primarily using two key ingredients: gemstones and ingots. These can be acquired through the Prospector profession, which is also part of the Tinker vocation. While ingots are crafted using ore sourced by prospecting, gemstones are primarily looted from humanoid creatures, with goblins known for their high drop rates. Gemstones can also be found when mining ore deposits, although these occurrences are rarer.

In addition to the Jeweller and Prospector professions, the Tinker vocation includes the Cook profession, which can be developed as desired.

Advantages and Progression

Despite a seemingly slower progression compared to other professions, the Jeweller profession offers distinct advantages. Notably, while hunting humanoids for gemstones, players can earn combat experience and additional treasure. This blend of crafting and combat ensures a rewarding gaming experience.

By the time a player reaches the end of the Apprentice tier, they should be well-prepared to embark on the Journeyman Jeweller quest. Although the quest at the end of the Journeyman tier may pose a greater challenge, it is an important step in progression.

Mastering a tier in the Jeweller profession unlocks the ability to produce a critical success item using the recipes in that tier. These items are typically of higher quality, providing enhanced benefits to the wearer.