John Smith

From Echoes of Angmar

Colloquially known as the "God-father" of Echoes, John has carved a place for himself in Legend to the members of the Echoes community. He first made his name during the hype train of Fall 2022 as all the little boys and girls clamored for Beta. John could always be found spreading cheer and enlightenment through the discord. During these early days he created a kinship, "Wanderer" and began assembling his motley crew of layabouts and vagabonds. He climbed through the rabble and quickly became a respected elder of the community. As Beta first opened in December of 2022 he stepped foot into Middle Earth and promptly pulled out his pipe and sat down for a good smoke, and there he stayed for just as long as is proper for a true gentlehobbit. John relaxed during the golden days of Closed Beta enjoying the camaraderie and adventure of re exploring Middle Earth. It wasn't until the Dark Ages of the whereBeta riots, that John once again stood up as a pillar of the community spreading light and guiding the lost. So he remains as the lighthouse that all the anxious whereBeta goblins sail by, hoping beyond hope that his light will never be dimmed.