From Echoes of Angmar

Kinships are groups of players that come together for a common, long- term purpose. (In other online role- playing games, such organizations are often called guilds). The purpose could be purely social, to pool resources, to take care of new players, or to share a common philosophy.

Creating a Kinship

To create a Kinship, you must purchase a charter from a Kinship Clerk. These NPCs are found in various towns throughout Middle-earth. The person who created the Kinship is its first leader. (A Kinship can change its leader.) You cannot create a Kinship if you are already a member of another Kinship. A Kinship is either restricted by race or it is a Mixed Kinship— the founder makes that decision when he creates the Kinship.

Kinship Display

Once you are in a Kinship, the Kinship tab displays information about your Kinship. The Kinship panel is separated into three main sections — the Kinship's name, its Message of the Day (MotD), and its Members list. The name of your Kinship is displayed prominently at the top of the panel. The Kinship Message of the Day is for important announcements which your Kinship leader or officers would like you to know about (such as scheduled Kinship events or introducing new members). The Kinship member list is used to quickly determine who in your Kinship is currently online, where they are adventuring, and what level cap and class they are. Finding Kinship members close to your own level and current area is a good way to begin establishing a fellowship. All buttons within the Kinship window are considered to be Kinship commands. Kinship commands can only be executed by members of sufficient rank.

Kinship Titles

The character who purchases a charter and starts a Kinship is its founder, and always has that title (or something similar). That character is also the Kinships first leader. Only one member can be the leader. The other title is officer (or something similar); any other characters in the Kinship can be officers. Kinship titles depend on what type of Kinship it is.

Rank Dwarf Elf Hobbit Man Mixed
Founder Father Brandir Founder Founder Founder
Leader Lord Tur Leader Master Leader
Officer Seneschal Caun Chief Provost Officer

Quitting a Kinship

To quit your Kinship, press the Quit button at the bottom of the Kinship panel. Please note that doing so will also remove any Kinship titles that you have.

Adding a Member

To add another person to your Kinship, simply press the Add button. A dialog box will be displayed requesting the name of the person to add. If you already had someone selected, his name will be filled in by default. If you would like to add someone different, then change the name before you press Add.

Removing a Member

Only Kinship leaders and officers have sufficient rank to remove people from the Kinship. To remove someone from the Kinship, select her name in the Kinship list and press the Remove button. A dialogue box will be displayed requesting confirmation.