Lore-master Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

Standard Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Limit per Day
Master of the Staff 1 Master of the Staff Use Staff-Strike against your foes (600)
Power and Wisdom 1 Power and Wisdom Draw Power from your enemies (250)
Light of Hope 1 Light of Hope Use Beacon of Hope (600)
Master of Beasts 1 Master of Beasts Use Sign of Protection (500)
Deep Lore 10 Deep Lore Use your Lore Skills against enemies (500)
Healer 10 Healer Heal your fellows with Leechcraft (250) 40
Beast-lore 10 Beast-lore Use Sign of Rage (300) 60
Dúnadan-Learning 20 Dúnadan-Learning Use your Signs of Power (1,000)
Harmony with Nature 20 Harmony with Nature Use Cracked Earth (400)
Subtlety of Wisdom 20 Subtlety of Wisdom Use Blinding Flash against enemies (400)
Awareness of Body 30 Awareness of Body Use Wisdom of the Council (100)
Proof against all Ills 30 Proof Against All Ills Use Tend the Sick (300)
Knowlege of the Past 30 Knowledge of the Past Use Ancient Wisdom (300)
Magic Adept 30 Magic Adept Use Share the Power (750)

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
Book of the Beast 42 Noble Savage Find missing pages (8)
Lore of the Blade 44 Sword and Staff Find missing pages (8)
Of Leaf and Twig 46 March of the Ents Find missing pages (8)