Lore-master Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Master of the Staff (Trait) 1 Use Staff-Strike (600) Staff-Strike has a chance to Stun; Max Morale +5% Fire Mitigation +2%
Light of Hope (Trait) 4 Use Beacon of Hope (600) Improved Beacon of Hope (Morale cost -40%; Cooldown timer -10s; Induction time -1s) In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Power and Wisdom (Trait) 6 Use Power of Knowledge (250) Improved Ancient Wisdom and Power of Knowledge Disease and Wound Resistance +1%
Master of Beasts (Trait) 6 Use Sign of the Wild: Protection (500) Improved Sign of the Wild Skills Sign Skills: Power Cost -3%
Deep Lore (Trait) 10 Use Fire-lore/Wind-lore/Herb-lore (500) Increases number of targets (5) for Lore Skills (herbs, fire, and wind) In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Beast-lore (Trait) 10 Use Sign of the Wild: Rage (300) Pets have increased: Health, Power, Attack Speed, and Damage. Sign Skills: Power Cost -3%
Healer (Trait) 10 Heal Fellows with Leechcraft (250) -15% Power Cost, Decreased Induction time by +50%, +10% healing output Disease and Wound Resistance +1%
Hardy Bear (Trait) 15 Quest The Power of your bear-friend is increased Sign Skills: Power Cost -3%
Subtlety of Wisdom (Trait) 20 Use Blinding Flash (400) Reduced threat for using damage skills Fire Mitigation +2%
Dúnadan-learning (Trait) 20 Use Sign of Power: Command/Sign of Power: Wizardry (1,000) Increased duration and effectiveness of Signs Sign Skills: Power Cost -3%
Harmony with Nature (Trait) 22 Use Cracked Earth (400) Reduced power costs. Reduced induction time by 25%. Works on overt displays of magical power Fire Mitigation +2%
Proof Against All Ills (Trait) 30 Use Tend the Sick (300) Tend the Sick and Leechcraft works as an AoE on allies.Leechcraft may be used in combat Disease and Wound Resistance +1%
Awareness of Body (Trait) 30 Use Wisdom of the Council (100) Reduction to the morale costs on overt displays of magical power. (-40%) Fire Mitigation +2%
Magic Adept (Trait) 30 Use Share the Power (750) All your magical skills cost less Power. (-3%) In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Knowledge of the Past (Trait) 30 Use Ancient Wisdom (300) All of your skills have a chance to restore a small amount of Power. In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Flame of Anor (Trait) 30 Quest Increased damage of fire-based skills. (+10%) Disease and Wound Resistance +1%

Sword and Staff (Trait)

39 Quest: Lore of the Blade Allows dual wielding of sword and staff, adds to melee offense and defense -

March of the Ents (Trait)

39 Quest: Of Leaf and Twig AoE melee attack -

Noble Savage (Trait)

39 Quest: The Book of Beasts Your pets have better morale, attack increase and defensive capabilities -

Eagle-Friend (Trait)

45 Quest: You are a friend of the Eagles and may summon one to aid you -