From Echoes of Angmar


The Lynx is the most DPS-oriented pet and has AoE skills. It tends to be more fragile than the other pets.

Lynx Abilities

File:Pet Bar Lynx.png

  • Stealth
    • Automatically engaged. Allows lynx to move stealthily and attack from hiding.
    • Has an 8 second cooldown after coming out of combat.
  • Surprise Attack
    • A massive attack that works only from stealth.
    • This skill has a high chance of scoring a critical hit.
    • When attacking from behind this attack delivers more damage.
  • Feral Strike
    • An eye gouge and slash. This skill works in a 60º frontal arc.
    • Maximum 3 targets
    • 2 minute cooldown.
  • Slashing Claws
    • The agile lynx darts from enemy to enemy slashing them with its claws in a frontal 180º arc.
    • Maximum 5 targets
    • 1 minute cooldown.
  • Savage Bleed
    • On a critical hit, the lynx will apply a DoT effect when attacking an enemy.

Alternate Appearances

By equipping different Amulet necklaces, Lore-masters can change the appearance of their lynx to the following styles:

  • Frost Lynx
  • Onyx Lynx
  • Spotted Lynx