Minstrel Deeds

From Echoes of Angmar

Standard Deeds

Name Level Reward Task Limit per day
Harmonious Melody 1 Harmonious Melody (Trait) Play Ballads (1,500) 500
Herald's Hammer 1 Herald's Hammer (Trait) Smite enemies with Herald's Strike (700) 240
Smooth Voice 1 Smooth Voice (Trait) Use Piercing Cry (600) 200
Powerful Voice 1 Powerful Voice (Trait) Use your Cries (300) 100
Life-singer 10 Life-singer (Trait) Use your Healing songs (1,000) 150
Unrelenting 10 Unrelenting (Trait) Land Critical hits with Piercing Cry (100) 20
Focused Performance 10 Focused Performance (Trait) Evade enemy attacks (300)
Silver Tongue 20 Silver Tongue (Trait) Use Cry of the Chorus (125)
Subtle Movements 20 Subtle Movements (Trait) Use Song of Soothing (300)
Light in the Dark 20 Light in the Dark (Trait) Use Ballad of Resonance (1,000) 150
Graceful Demeanour 20 Graceful Demeanour (Trait) Use Enlivening Grace (100) 15
Strength of Voice 30 Strength of Voice (Trait) Use Ballad of the Valar (500)
Battle-Hymn 30 Battle-hymn (Trait) Use Anthem of War (300)
Heralded Saviour 30 Heralded Saviour (Trait) Use Song of Aid (400)
Mentor of Song 30 Mentor of Song You must train pupils in the art of music and song
Exemplar of Song 30 Exemplar of Song You must further your tutoring of students

Legendary Deeds

Name Level Reward Task
Melodies of the Valar 39* Rally! Find missing pages (8)
The Rising Chord 39* Song of the Hopeful Heart Find missing pages (8)
Valour's Marches 39* Anthem of the Wizards Find missing pages (8)