Minstrel Traits

From Echoes of Angmar
Name Level Source Description Line Bonus
Harmonious Melody (Trait) 1 Use Ballads (1,500) +5 second window to perform tiered Ballads. In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Herald's Hammer (Trait) 1 Smite with Herald's Strike (700) Herald's Strike damage is doubled Max Morale +50
Powerful Voice (Trait) 2 Use Cries (300) Power cost of Cries -5% Max Power +65
Smooth Voice (Trait) 2 Use Piercing Cry (600) Ballads of Vigour and Balance do no damage, but last longer Max Morale +50
Unrelenting (Trait) 10 Land Critical Hits with Piercing Cry (100) Piercing Cry Critical Hits Stun enemies; +25% Critical chance to Piercing cry. Cooldown reduced -3s Max Morale +50
Focused Performance (Trait) 10 Evade enemy attacks (300) Reduced Skill Induction Fear Resistance +2%
Life-singer (Trait) 10 Use Healing Song Skills (1,000) Healing Skills: Power Cost -10% In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Medium Armour-use (Trait) 15 Quest Medium armour now wearable Max Power +65
Light in the Dark (Trait) 20 Use Ballad of Resonance (1,000) Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ballad damage increased (+10%) Max Morale +50
Graceful Demeanour (Trait) 20 Use Enlivening Grace (100) Enlivening Grace and Rally grant more morale and power. Rally's cast time is reduced by 2 seconds and it's recovery time is reduced by 5 minutes. Fear Resistance +2%
Silver Tongue (Trait) 26 Use Cry of the Chorus (125) All of your Songs recover 20% faster Fear Resistance +2%
Subtle Movements (Trait) 28 Use Song of Soothing (300) Skills generate less threat. Max Power +65
Strength of Voice (Trait) 30 Use Ballad of War (500) +10 second Ballad duration In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Heralded Saviour (Trait) 30 Use Song of Aid (400) Song of Aid lasts 10 seconds longer and recovers 20% faster. Fear Resistance +2%
Glorious Anthem (Trait) 30 Quest Effect Duration of Anthems +15s In-Combat Morale Regen +0.3/s
Battle-hymn (Trait) 40 Use Anthem of the Valar (250) When using Anthem of the Valar, your regeneration in combat is increased. Max Power +65

Rally! (Trait)

39 Book: Melodies of the Valar Grants the Rally! skill -

Song of the Hopeful Heart (Trait)

39 Book: The Rising Chord Grants the Song of the Hopeful Heart skill -

Anthem of the Istari (Trait)

39 Book: Valour's Marches Grants the Anthem of the Wizards skill -

Fellowship's Heart (Trait)

45 Quest: Grants the Fellowship's Heart skill -