Misty Mountains Quests

From Echoes of Angmar
Quest Name Quest Level Bestower Name
Real Treasure 45 Larus Sharpshard
The Last Ingot 45 Halmur Stoneshaper
The Other Chest 43 Larus Sharpshard
Deluros of Rivendell 39 Glorenglir
The Missing Fragments 41 Deluros
A Scholar's Lesson 41 Deluros
Thunder in the Mountains 45 Gwaemithrin
Giant Country 43 Gwaemithrin
Bears of the North 40 Glóin
Scouting the Mountains 42 Ringhul
Few Who Dare 43 Golhador
Towering Champions 43 Gailthin
The Masters of the Mammoth 43 Golhador
Unwitting Scavengers 39 Glorenglir
Every Last Ingot 43 Larus Sharpshard
Old Treasures 43 Larus Sharpshard
Hidden by Fur and Snow 44 Malthenor
Rampaging Beasts 41 Malthenor
Arctic Hunters 43 Tralli Gemfinder
Warning: Evil Dwarves 43 Vighar Roadwalker
Warning: Evil Giants 44 Vighar Roadwalker
Warning: Evil Men 41 Vighar Roadwalker
Stirrings Within Helegrod 45 Anornaneth
In Sight of the Bitter Stair 45 Glóin
The Deeds of Durin 45 Elrond
Save Arifael 45 Elrond
Ancient Foes of the Spider-bane 45 Sigrun
The Extent of the Threat 45 Sigrun
Old Friendships 45 Sigrun
The Worm-hunter's Lament 45 Sigrun
Picks for Delivery 50 Ormulf Worm-hunter
The Corcur Arise 45 Elrond
Goblin Hunt 45 Eywind
Goblin Fire 45 Eywind
Gandalf's Secret Recipe 45 Nogmeldis
Conflagration 45 Eywind
Glorwen's Fate 46 Nogmeldis
Blackfang 46 Nogmeldis
Against the Pack 46 Nogmeldis
Way of the Pack 46 Nogmeldis
Eliminating the Trail 47 Thorgest
Chilled to the Bone 47 Thorgest
Thorgest's Last Hope 47 Afwald
Thorkell has Fallen 48 Thorgest
Business Before Vengeance 48 Thorgest
A Worm by the Tail 49 Thorgest
My Dwarf Friends 48 Bilbo Baggins
Passage to Darkness 48 Bilbo Baggins
Preparing for the Dark 48 Bilbo Baggins
The Undiscovered Path 48 Bilbo Baggins
Goblins at the Gate 48 Glóin
Indecipherable 48 Glóin
Memory of the Wargs 48 Glóin
Order from the Darkness 48 Glóin
Rumours of the North 48 Glóin
Drummers in the Deep 49 Oghûk the Hooligan
The Great Escape 49 Aeglas
Matuga and the Jailor's Key 49 Oghûk the Hooligan
Keepers and the Kept 49 Oghûk the Hooligan
Other Prisoners 49 Aeglas
Stirring Up Trouble 49 Aeglas
Plan in Motion 49 Aeglas
Drum-keepers 50 Vighar Roadwalker
A Great Goblin 50 Glóin
Aklash, the Leader of Soldiers 50 Tralli Gemfinder
Leaders of the Deep 50 Vighar Roadwalker
Rakothúrz and Horm 50 Tralli Gemfinder
Dwalin's Concern 48 Dwalin
A Missing Scout 48 Elrond
The Emissary 50 Tralli Gemfinder
Down, Down to Goblin-town 48 Nogmeldis
Into the High-pass 44 Glóin