North Downs

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North Downs
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Level 24-35
Faction North Downs factions
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Resources T2-T3




Map of the North Downs

The North Downs were once The Heartlands of the Kingdom of Arthedain, one of three domains of Arnor. After the division of Arnor the Capital of Arthedain was moved from Annuminas to Fornost. These once prosperous lands lie under a shadow, ever since Fornost fell to the forces of Angmar, throughout the Fields of Fornost you will find the shades of oathbreakers haunting the battlefield where in ancient days they betrayed their king to serve the Witch King of Angmar. Rangers strive to tame these lands, but there are many strongholds of orcs, and angmarim that continue to pour forth from the North.


A hidden refuge of the Rangers, in the Eastern mountains of the North Downs. The Council of the North battles against the incursions from Angmar, and seeks to counterattack through the mountain passes to take the fight to the Witch King


Last capital of the North, Fornost lies in ruin, picked over by goblins, and foul creations of the Witch King. The Free Peoples struggle to cleanse this long lost city, and are in need of reinforcements.

Lin Giliath

Situated on the North side of Meluinen the Elven refuge of Lin Giliath struggles to hold the orcs of Nan Wathren and the Trolls of Dol Dinen at bay.


In the Western Mountains of Nan Amlug the dwarven mining outpost of Othrikar still ply's its trade.


On the North-South road from Bree-Land, Trestlebridge spans the chasm of Cirith Núr allowing trade to flow from Bree to the Council of the North.



Dol Dinen

Fields of Fornost

The Greenway



Nan Amlug East

Nan Amlug West

Nan Wethren


Taur Gonwaith


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