Patch Notes - December 2023

From Echoes of Angmar

Carn Dum

  • Carn Dum has been implemented with most core features working
  • Resolved a crash that related to the Krahjarn Lieutenant.
  • Hanging Morroval will now descend to the ground as intended.
  • Corrected pathing issues of several mobs.
  • Addressed an issue where the dungeon description would play multiple times.
  • The Helchgam invulnerability effect is now properly visible in the UI.
  • Adjusted the hit radius of the tentacles in the Helchgam encounter, allowing for melee attacks.
  • Fixed the pillars in the Helchgam fight, enabling players to jump onto them, and ensuring they fall in the correct direction.
  • Corrected an issue with Helchgam's healing ability being excessively spammed.
  • Rodakhan will now correctly call for help from surrounding adds.
  • Azgoth's reset range has been adjusted to the intended distance.
  • Azgoth's adds will now spawn correctly on a set timer.
  • The lava in the Mordirith fight will now result in instant death upon contact.
  • Mordirith's health will no longer reset after each wave of illusions.
  • Mordirith's illusions will no longer despawn immediately.
  • The fiery floor in the last phase of the Mordirith fight will now light up correctly.


  • Resolved an occurrence of an invisible object blocking the exit in the Urugarth tunnel.
  • Quest tracker functionality improved; old quests will now be pushed off unless locked.
  • The tracking window for the quest "Calenthon and Malloval" will now only track Malloval.
  • Inductions will now be canceled when falling.
  • Disabled the ability to remain in stealth while using a stable route.
  • Ensured that hidden deeds are now properly hidden.
  • Fixed the functionality of the Hardy Bear trait, ensuring it works correctly this time.
  • You will now be prevented purchase of Enchanted XP on level 50 characters.
  • Corrected an issue in Ettenmoors where players would not appear at the correct graveyard.
  • In B6C4, when interacting with statues missing stones, the window will now close appropriately when pressing continue.
  • Resolved an issue with Hunter crowd control effects, ensuring roots/snares do not persist after a spar.
  • Ensured weapons are now visible upon exiting the first intro instance.
  • Addressed a pathing issue causing Gruglok in Urugarth to be stuck in an anti-exploit state.
  • The follow-up quest for "Mysteries Most Profound -- Introduction" will no longer have the "introduction" part from its name.