Patch Notes - February 2024

From Echoes of Angmar

New Features

  • Implemented the Dread Growth and Decay system. For instance, when affected by Dread T5, the progression of its application will now occur incrementally from level 1 to 5, rather than an instant jump to T5.
  • Implemented Raid Locks
  • A prevention has been implemented to disallow player logouts during combat, an error message will appear when trying to do so.
  • Creep frames will now advance in accordance with the number of passives trained. Progression will advance from swarm, normal, and finally Signature status.
  • Ettenmoors-wide messages have been implemented to notify players of keep flips.
  • PVMP kill/death statistics has been implemented and will now update in The War tab.

AI Updates

  • Enhanced mob behavior has been implemented to accommodate special skills triggered upon receiving damage.
  • Mobs possessing abilities that target random pets now function as intended; for instance, certain mobs have the capability to heal their pets.
  • Mobs equipped with abilities that target nearby corpses should now work correctly. For instance, certain mobs can now consume a corpse to gain healing effects or resurrect fallen allies.
  • Mobs previously hindered from attacking due to attempting ranged skills in melee combat will now correctly transition to melee skills.
  • Mobs with skills that enable them to ignore threat will now function.
  • Multiple mobs, including the orc raid in Gabilshathûr and Mordirith ghost copies, no longer provide XP and loot.
  • Mobs backing away from players have been adjusted to mitigate the issue of reaching larger mobs.
  • Armour rating has been added for all mobs, armour reduction skills like Lore Masters Ancient craft will now function as a result.

Bug fixes

  • Players can no longer share quests with others who do not meet the requirements, such as crafting quests.
  • Multiple mobs, including the orc raid in Gabilshathûr will no longer provide XP and loot.
  • Burglars can no longer pick up items while in stealth mode.
  • Captain banners will no longer spawn upon zoning into interiors or exteriors.
  • Captain banners can no longer be destroyed and will no longer cause aggro or initiate combat.
  • Resolved a common crash when zoning into instances.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where bosses were not performing their skills as intended.
  • Addressed an issue where using Improved Riddle on bosses could cause them to be unable to perform any attacks.
  • Using of out-of-combat skills/items will now be interrupted if combat is initiated during their execution.
  • The Worm Slayer deeds has been adjusted to function correctly in both Angmar and North Downs regions. Western Ram Duath and the Fornost area will contribute towards the North Downs deed, while Eastern Angmar will contribute towards the Angmar deed.
  • A visual glitch affecting the bank interface has been resolved; withdrawing items from the bank via right-clicking will now update the interface correctly.
  • Equipping a BoE Weapon, then entering Combat will no longer cause weapons to be invisible.
  • The functionality of mobs calling for help should now work. Additionally, the duration during which a mob attempts to call for help is now respected.
  • Mobs with skills that enable them to ignore threat will now function.
  • Players are no longer able to create creep names containing non-Latin characters.
  • Corrected several mob pathing issues within Carn Dum.
  • The visual effect of the Weaver ability "Web the Earth" have been updated to accurately align with its hitbox.
  • Resolved an issue where auto-attacks were not being triggered.
  • Moving out of range during a trade will now generate an error message.
  • Logging out inside an instance will now return you to the entrance rather than at your milestone location.
  • There is now a limit to how far you can be from a milestone in order to set it.
  • Ballad of Vigour will now raise/lower maximum morale and no longer remove morale upon expiration.
  • Minstrels' instruments will now apply their bonuses correctly.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where players would get stuck on loading screens when zoning into or out of interiors.
  • The gates will now correctly open in the Gúrthul fight once all adds are cleared.
  • Functionality improvements made when swapping traits at the bard.