Patch Notes - January 2024

From Echoes of Angmar

New Features

  • Implemented the /roll feature

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where unreasonable prices were displayed in the UI when slotting traits at the bard.
  • Starting a spar will no longer break stealth or initiate combat before the actual engagement.
  • Specific skills and actions with inductions can now be interrupted by pressing ESC, addressing the previous inability to interrupt them.
  • Player trades are now only allowed within a specified range. Trading will be automatically interrupted if the players move too far apart.
  • Skill user effect timings will now be respected across all skills, for example "Bracing Attack" heal will now correctly take effect after the animation has finished rather than instantly.
  • Surnames now follows the naming rules and format.
  • Spaces in pet names are no longer accepted
  • NPC skills that spawn adds upon defeat should now function.
  • When a mail returns from the auction house, it will now display the correct timestamp.
  • The name field in the mailsystem is no longer case sensitive
  • When a ranged skill gets B/P/E/M/Restisted, enemies will now correctly aggro onto the player instead of ignoring them.
  • Pets will now spawn with the correct offset from the player, preventing them from spawning on top of players.
  • Players can now use skills while swimming
  • Brittle craft tools will now lose durability significantly faster as intended.
  • Craft tools will now take wear from harvesting.
  • Auto-attacks will no longer activate upon queuing a skill but will activate after the execution of the skill.
  • Fixed several exploits discovered in the last Beta
  • Resolved an issue causing some objectives to grant credit twice in several quests.