Patch Notes - October 2023

From Echoes of Angmar


  • The great willow Bee's now have the correct rank, which is "swarm."
  • Adjusted combat distance to reduce the likelihood of mobs backing away from you too easily.
  • Resolved the issue of infinite spawning for some of the wights in The Barrow Downs.
  • Mobs in Evendim related to Book 10 will no longer appear unless you have Book 10 active.
  • Several NPCs have been corrected to spawn exclusively at night-time.
  • The Hillmen Plague-bearer skill, Bloodpact protection, will now correctly be removed when the Bondsman is killed.
  • Addressed the double-spawn of mobs in Blackwold Headquarters.
  • Fixed various spawning issues in Bogbereth's Lair.
  • Corrected pathing issues in Bogbereth's Lair.
  • The Krahjarn Slayers now have the correct M/P values to match their normal rank.
  • Bats in Himbar now have the correct M/P values to match their swarm rank.
  • Respawn rates have been adjusted across the world, though there might still be specific areas with incorrect respawn rates. Please report any issues.
  • You should now be able to attack Bleakwind once he lands. An issue where he was incorrectly stuck in drama mode has been resolved.
  • Corrected the positions of many NPCs.


  • Fresh Steed for Bree" quest will now progress when you reach the destination.
  • "A Formal Complaint" is now fully scripted, with some pathing issues still being addressed in the instance.
  • When using the gravestones for the quest "Grave-Rubbings," attackers will now spawn correctly and attack players.
  • The large statue pieces will now spawn for the quest "Ancient Statuary."
  • The robbers will now count towards the quest in the intended area for "The Robbers of Barad Tharsir" quest.
  • "The Last Ingot" will now progress as it should when speaking to Halmur Stoneshaper.
  • The attacking waves for the "Murder in the Ruins" quest will now work properly, with all waves no longer spawning in rapid succession.
  • "Sarnemil's Flight" now correctly handles adds spawning during the fight.
  • In the "Rampage" quest, carrying state is now shared between players in the fellowship.
  • "The Undiscovered Path," when using the writing material, will now play the correct animation.
  • Fixed an issue where using the siege machines in Dol Dinen would cause you to bypass the induction timer.
  • "Frodo's Burden" has been fixed, and Frodo will now reliably walk with you.
  • In "A Hunter's Charge," the wargs should now path correctly and no longer appear all at once.
  • "A Burglar's Errand" - Mobs now have the correct level.
  • In "A Gift for the North," Ulfar should no longer stop randomly on his path.
  • Fixed the text UI not appearing when using the tracks for the following hunter quests: "Tracks Through Evendim" & "Wilderness by Ost Guruth"


  • Captains' banners will now stay at the intended level.
  • Captains' Rallying Horn will now consume traveling rations and go on the expected cooldown.
  • Lore-master's "Power of Knowledge" will no longer be interrupted by auto-attacks.
  • Burglars' skill "Mischievous Glee" can no longer be triggered unless there is an active trick on the target.
  • Auto-attacks will no longer enable on failed executions.
  • Hunter traps will now work more reliably when placed on slopes due to a correction to the hitbox.
  • Oathbreakers will no longer linger for a long period of time after using a Fellowship Manoeuvre.
  • Captain banner should no longer spawn when entering/exiting a waypoint.
  • Lore-master Eagle will now resurrect its master.
  • Burglar "Stick and Move" trait now works as intended; evades will now trigger skills that would usually only unlock with a critical hit.
  • "Burglar's Sweep the Knee" should now work, and should not break stealth.
  • Group wide skills such as Rallying Cry and Make Haste will now also apply to the Herald.
  • Pets should no longer be dismissed when exiting/entering portals.
  • Pets will be properly dismissed when summoning your mount


  • Fornost: corrected an issue causing players to be silenced even when not standing in the water.
  • Garth Agarwen: Fixed an issue causing Ivar to be unable to activate after a reset.
  • Garth Agarwen: Addressed a problem with mobs spawning inside terrain.
  • In "Epic Bk2Ch8 Red Pass," fixed an issue causing Dour Root to not activate.
  • Instance: Assault on Rath Teraig, fixed an issue causing Skorgrim to get stuck
  • Instance: The Unmarked Trail, Legolas will no longer ignore the roots and will assist you in attacking them.
  • Instance: The Hideout, Amdir should no longer be missing. (unrelated to Dx10 issue)
  • Instance: The last refuge, fixed an issue caused some mobs to be invisible.


  • Mounts now have durability and will take a few hits before dismounting.
  • Helegrod set pieces will now only drop in the raid when it becomes available.
  • Shield spikes now apply the correct damage type, and this will be reflected in the combat log.
  • Legendary pages will now consume immediately once acquired.

Combat System

  • The Global Reset Timer (GRT) has been implemented.
  • AOE skills now respect Line of Sight (LOS), and if a target moves out of LOS by the end of the induction, it will fail.
  • Update to the might and agility stat contribution to physical damage, this will be an ongoing balance tweak until all the mitigation levels are balanced properly. Generally, players at the moment deal less damage than they should, this is mainly an issue with mitigations at this point.


  • Tracked nodes should now appear on the minimap when you are in the range of the node.
  • After gathering from a node your weapons will no longer remain sheathed in combat.


  • All Landmarks are now detectable for the "Wilds of Evendim" deed.
  • Corrected an issue causing deeds not to advance to the next tier.


  • Players should no longer fall into terrain when exiting portals.
  • Fixed problems causing players to get stuck on the loading screen when zoning into interiors.
  • Made it easier to enter The Shire Auction Hall.
  • Watching stones in Angmar should no longer ignore the conqueror characteristic.
  • Watching Stones' AOE damage will now scale correctly with the intended level.
  • You can no longer trade with dead players.
  • Fixed an issue with trades, making you unable to remove an item from the trade window unless cancelling the trade.
  • Improved chat server, making sure you get reconnected to public channels if disconnection occours.
  • Fellowship vitals should now update correctly when retreating and going back inside an instance.
  • Effects on fellowship vitals members should now be visible