From Echoes of Angmar

Prospecting: A Gathering Profession

Prospecting constitutes one of the integral gathering professions in the world of The Lord of the Rings Online. Upon selecting a vocation, players are endowed with a Mining Pick, an essential tool for this profession. Activating the Track Mines skill aids in locating ore deposits via the minimap for subsequent mining. Prospecting significantly complements the Forester profession, as both wood and ore can generally be found within the same regions, allowing players to simultaneously engage in both professions.

Crafting and Material Selection

Once an inventory is amassed with ore and other trade goods, the crafting process can begin at a local craft area, such as the crafting area in Combe. Here, a forge is used to smelt ores into ingots. Initially, players have the option to create Copper Ingots (requiring two copper ores) or Bronze Ingots (requiring three copper ores and one tin ore). For swift skill enhancement, focusing on the production of Copper Ingots is advised due to their lower cost.

Trading and Treasure Hunting

Crafted goods can be traded with other craftsmen, potentially fetching significant returns. In addition to ores, prospecting may yield treasures like Copper Salts, Umber, gems, and other valuables. It's worth noting that not all Barrow Iron Deposits are guarded by undead creatures, presenting an opportunity for unhindered resource collection.

Proficiency and Mastery

Before a tier of Prospector can be mastered, proficiency must first be achieved. It is recommended to purchase an extra Mining Pick as a backup, which can be procured from a Novice Metalsmith or a Supplier. Additionally, being observant of the locations of forges within towns is beneficial, preventing the predicament of possessing a considerable amount of ore with no available forge for processing. The world of Prospecting promises exciting opportunities for resource gathering and treasure hunting, serving as a cornerstone for crafting professions.