Public dungeons

From Echoes of Angmar

Public dungeons are dungeons which are separate from the outside game world. Unlike Instances, they are shared by all individuals and fellowships which enter. Some dungeons exist specifically for one or more quests, and others for reputation, but all can be entered regardless.

List of Public dungeons

Name Region Level Note
Mirkstone Tunnels Ered Luin 6 A low level intro cave in Ered Luin.
Rockbelly Pit Ered Luin 6 A low level intro cave in Ered Luin.
Scary Quarry The Shire 10 Used mainly for a quest in the Hobbit Epic line.
Etten Caves North Downs 30ish A quest chain from Ost Lagoros leads into these Troll caves.
Vault of Arwen's Legacy Trollshaws ? Used for the quest The Riddle-master
Nurath, Torogrod, Thingroth Trollshaws 40ish Troll caves for Book 4 Chapter 5. Also used for the Troll deed.
Haudh Iarchith Bree-land 40-50 The "new barrow"; reputation dungeon for the Men of Bree
Burzum Pushdug & Morfil Angmar 43-45 Orc caves for Dark Raiders quest line. Mobs drop pages for Minstrel & Lore-master.
Sarnûr Ered Luin 45-50 Dourhand stronghold; reputation dungeon for Thorin's Hall.