From Echoes of Angmar


The Raven is the first pet obtained by a Lore-master. It can increase the damage done by the Lore-master's fire attacks, and also debuffs mobs ranged damage. The raven has a high rate of attack, which leads to frequent opportunities for flanking.

File:Pet bar - raven.png

Active skills


This channeled skill debuffs archers damage
-50% Ranged Damage
+10% Miss Chance
41 Light Damage over 4 seconds
Cost:47 Power
Cost:1 Power Per Second
Toggle Skill
Duration: Maximum 15s
Cost: 20 Power
3m Range

Benediction of the Raven

This skill makes the target more vulnerable to fire.
-10% Fire Mitigation
Duration: 1m
Cost: 47 power


This self buff protects the raven from shadow and melee attacks.
+50% Evade Chance
+20% Common Mitigation
+30%Shadow Mitigation
Duration: 15s
Cost: 20 power

Passive skills

Shield of the Raven's Wing

+15% Shadow Mitigation

Alternate Appearances

By equipping different Amulet necklaces, Lore-masters can change the appearance of their ravens to the following styles:

  • Blood-raven
  • Frost-raven
  • Mottled-wing raven