Ruins of the Misty Mountains

From Echoes of Angmar

Reward: +1 Tolerance


There are not many ruins to be found in the Misty Mountains, for few indeed are those willing to build anything of note in such an inhospitable environment. Those that are to be found here were built long ago by the dwarves.

Objective #1

Explore stuff.

Find Glóin's Camp

Only here can the Longbeards still be found in the Misty Mountains, and only in this small lonely camp built amongst the crumbled ruins of older, far grander dwarf-holdings. The few brave dwarves who have come here face insurmountable odds in the taming of these wild peaks, however, and the task seems impossible so long as the power of Angmar continues to grow in the far North.

Find Hríthur's Haven

Once this ruin led into a haven used by dwarf-hunters and scouts who roamed the Misty Mountains in their incessent battles against the goblins. Now it lies sealed and abandoned, the sturdy warriors who once manned it long ago driven from the Mountains.

Find Iskeld's Lookout

Iskeld's Lookout is one of the oldest dwarf-outposts in the northern Misty Mountains. It was built to stand guard over the source of the river Bruinen and ensure that no enemy would be able to interfere with the life-giving flow of waters down into the lands below. After the fall of the Longbeard's fortress to the south, Iskeld's Lookout was abandoned, and only wild and terrible beasts roam here now.

Find The Bitter Stair

The Bitter Stair is a treacherous switchback that leads to the gate of the dwarf-fortress of Helegrod -- once the largest of the holdings of Durin's Folk in this region of Middle-earth, until in the Second Age it was sacked by the dragon Thorog and his brood, who claimed Helegrod as his lair.

Some years later, a force of dwarves led by a great hero fought their way up these stairs to the fortress. Many of their number were flung to their deaths below by the drakes which defended the approach, but in the end the hero fought his way into the fortress and did indeed slay Thorog.

Alas, so many Dwarves were lost in the battle that they were forced to abandon it to the dragon's brood, and they have never returned thence.